13 December 2010

A Good Day

Song of the Moment: Above & Beyond Present Oceanlab - On a Good Day

A Good Day
by Trey Campbell

Half a day has passed,
And what to show of it?
Hours wasted, or memories made?
I lose my inspiration with each
Passing tick of the second hand
Yet gaining motivation
As the time counts down
Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.
At least my demeanor is good
To do both hard work and play
The ebb and flow of my voice
Either questioning literature
Or why I ate an entire bag of chips.
I completed many more important
Things than the mundane tasks
Of academia.
Like laundry, or cooking burgers
Or cleaning the radioactive floor
Of my bedroom.
I shaved my face and drank beer
In the shower, that's multitasking.
I didn't purchase anything, meaning
I've the capacity to be frugal.
I talked to friends and went to the gym.
So despite it being 12 hours later,
Today was a good day.

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