15 January 2011

The Jack of All Trades/Identity Crisis

I have no and all identities
And to what it is that you long,
I belong.
A friend chameleon of sorts.
Blending in, I'm everybody,
And nobody; a pretender--
But whatever you need.
I echo your past, and mimic
the present. Eventually
Our futures will intertwine
Inevitably, invariably.
Because it is in each I meet,
That I find a new bit of life.
A detail or perception,
To make me better, absorbing.
I'm not here to use you or be used,
Because this thing, it is
A two-way street, a give-and-take.
So let us laugh, talk music, be happy
Unless you're unhappy
With yourself, which means
Unnecessary Hell, for us both.
And if you find a fault in me,
It is a reflection of what is wrong
With you.
I am everyone,  I am no one
I am just one
Clue to me, clue to you.


  1. this is sort of the inversion of what I was talking about. it's interesting!


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