05 June 2012


The Universe has allotted us this short gift of time to exist, to observe, to be. Do not waste it being negative. Find what you may never again. Look ahead and into the unknown, do not dwell on what is done. Find the value in the difficult times and then let them fade away into the ether of time and memory. Know that when you speak ill words to another, you are speaking to another sentient piece of universe. Many forget, but all are here to watch and learn. Some burn bright and fast, some slow and strong. Negativity is the laziness to address problems. To take out your individual frustrations on another human being is to display weakness of soul, a disability to understand that which makes us human. Do not burn down bridges, but fortify bonds. Own up to the mistakes you make, mostly to yourself, learn from them and do not sulk. Work the hardest smartest and success will purr in your lap. Do not forget that we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters, we are all unknowingly traversing massive amounts of space and time. Understand all by forgiving all. The power rests in the hands of each of us, in the actions we live, in our ability to love, learn, and be. Take not these things for granted, as this gift can easily be rescinded--the universe reclaiming her matter and the experiences that we have had--even prematurely. Waste not a moment. Live, breathe, exist.

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