24 February 2011

Twenty Something

My chapter comes to a grand conclusion;
These four long years have ever changed my views.
On this campus I've made my protrusion,
and upon myself; life exists in twos.
But whereto from here? I often ponder.
The unknown ahead be a darkened room;
As I cling to words, in awe and wonder,
and try to avoid an impending doom.
Yet what knows I of a future untold?
That no prophet nor a fortune could tell.
So day by day I'll live on and behold
The value of life, in heaven or hell.

1 comment:

  1. I love the description of your life being a protrusion. Some of the phrasing is strange, like "The unknown ahead be a darkened room." With such a strange sentence structure, I'd be careful to make sure strange is what you're going for.


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