05 December 2011

Cancer or Sin

The first Words 'n Whiskey guest piece, this original poem was written by my good friend, Sorin Markov.

The foundational blocks of our world,
we must undo them, rotation, Tetris.
Until they fit in a more apt manner.
We must undo hate, redo race, rethink time.
For we are fractions of fractions of seconds
and microns of ancient star dust. Our bones,
our bodies, part of the origin, bottled at the source.
and yet our minds act conflicted,
dwelling on longevity, obsessed with death.
It is time
to consider how we can leave our mark
and counter the innate flaws of man.
Cancer or sin, call it what you want,
But unite to fight as one for one.
Not for a better tomorrow, but for a better now,
to make our precious seconds count.

02 December 2011

Behind Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes,
I'm looking past your eyes.
Your true colours revealed, exposed.
And they are beautiful.
Like the painted burning blue of the setting sun
or the speckled Muir mountain treeline,
what I see in you is natural, at ease.
It is the good that exists in each living soul
and makes me want to spend my days.
Each and every one of them.
Until my very last.
With you.

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