25 October 2011


I'm ready to be home now. Back to the places I know and the people I love. The fast lane is great, if only for awhile. This has been a vacation of vacations, but I've done it all out here on my own. I've made some amazing friends and set some lofty goals, but I want to get back to my roots. Living without a home base is no sort of living at all. I feel nomadic as of late, and I firmly believe it only emulates freedom. Fall into that rhythm enough though and, like anything else, one becomes dependent on getting those fixes. Home base offers a grounding, a constant, a return. A few weeks is good enough for me in any new place. I've left a little bit of me here and picked up a few new tricks along the way. It's all for the better, I assure you. At the same time, I need to feel the comforts of home. I'm ready.

17 October 2011

The Unknown

The unknown. Enough to drive one to madness. The decent into the unknown is a journey that most shy away from. They lock there fears of the unknown deep within the confines of their mind, where they remain safeguarded by the complex sorting that the brain employs. When those insecurities emerge, however, a great learning opportunity arrises. The fear of the unknown should, in fact, be embraced. While it is innate for man to fear the unknown, there must be an ongoing battle to combat that fear and come to understand it. With knowledge and understanding comes an increased perception and thereby increased level of existence. Our purpose on this Earth is not one of fiscal success, creating a perfect system, or even ensuring and promoting the continuation of the human race. All that makes us human continues. With or without us. The true purpose lies within the experiences. A greater understanding to be had from completing the proverbial checklist of happenings that drive us to absolve our fears and recognize the larger picture. The youthful and naive mind very carefully and very articulately can view the puzzle piece to exact specifications. Yet with age, wisdom and experience, the mind grows to understand the mind at large. That is to say, it comes to recognize the puzzle collectively, with all of its pieces, and how they intricately fit together on its respective plane of existence. So there is no reason to fear. The unknown is a beautiful place that should be explored with the most thorough of eyes. Each experience, both good and bad, lead the human mind to achieve the trust and most pure of successes--the recognition of experiences and their direct correlation to achieving enlightenment.

05 October 2011


You are my horizons,
The edge of my existence,
how I begin and end my every day.
You're as far as I can see,
The outer limits, my painted sunset.
My hope through the dark night
and the reassuring perpetual sunrise.
Consistent, yet diverse.
Stable, but never content.
Strive with me to change the world.
My dearest friend, my love of loves
go freely and forward to your destiny.
Forge your life, and if you will it,
come back and find me.
I won't soon turn my back,
but rather stand by yours.
If you falter, then you falter,
but I'll always be there to help you up.
I'm so happy for the time we've had,
and for showing me how to care.
My eternal gratitude, my eternal love.
In whatever form of that love you'll have.
I'll stay truly yours.

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