22 November 2015

winter settling

white static silent
reticent; pervading
the slow patrol
celestial spotlight
catches dancing flakes
averse to slumber.

we were averse to slumber.

21 September 2015

Warming Willing Souls

The fire casts a hundred faces on you
a shadow dance, a metamorphosis
release energy and the projection
of dendric ghosts giving you warmth.

Your gaze owned by the wooden seance
because you are looking within and
backwards, paying homage to your lineage
whom you've survived staring the same way.

The embers pulse with the celestial drink above
slowly vibrating, the Void's heartbeat
of entropy and spontaneous rearrangement.
Inhaling and exhaling without consequence.

And so are you and so am I.
Infinitely in the midst of this all.
Trapped only by what we choose not.
I choose to burn away like the fire...

22 April 2015


An early-stage functional brand of psychosis.
Where conscious opts itself into deregulation
and instead of censoring unbridled thoughts,
allows them to playfully waltz off my tongue.

Simultaneous, not simulacrum, as I watch
my self forge logical circuitry and realize,
the power is there; perpetual motion.
So long as I remain blind 
to the dog chasing its own tail.

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