15 December 2013

On Chaos

Balance, like Utopia, is but an unsustainable destination. We do what we must so that we do what we wish, but the unbiased gravity nags relentlessly; teetering in either direction against our will thus throwing the world back into chaos. The elephant in the room thus becomes the notion of accepting the chaos for what it is, mount a sled and leverage the pull as an enjoyable downhill ride.

While we may find ourselves wavering in temporary bliss, our realization of this conquest so enacts the indiscriminate up-shift in the proverbial Chaos Engine. That is to say, we find ourselves in pockets of perfection only so long as it is not sought out.

Life is not inherently difficult unless one should find themselves perpetually struggling to maintain this balance rather than allow its timeless crescendo and conclusion. Around every unknown corridor exemplifies life's potentiality for simultaneous odds of adventure or doldrums. And while so much of our assumption systems rely on automatic knowledge (I don't expect to look out the window and witness the snowfall literally freeze mid-fall in memoriam), the true predictability of our knowledge (read: belief) systems are meager at best.

It is for these reasons that I accept a "less-than-ideal" life. Our culturally bound notions of what life should be so greatly skew the worldly beauty that exists in the full scope from mundane to tumultuous that I deem the dreams of blockbuster action movies, fairy tales and the like to do an injustice to the realism, and thereby wonder that permeates our filters unbeknownst to our Pavlovian response-based brains.

There is something to be said in riding the endless wave known as life in the universal sea, and while the vibrations of such traversal may seem unorganized (perhaps even unorthodox!), the vibration of waves supersede our own fundamental understanding of travel in that these vibrations can seamlessly pass through one another unscathed. That degree of perseverance and interaction within the fullness of the ever-changing universe provides a necessary purpose, and thereby a necessary comfort for our so-uncertain existence. To rely on the ability to persevere, to thrive, to experience. That single, simple notion of riding a wave that will cease to falter, in its most majestic crests and hopeless troughs, from shore to shore, and with split-second alignment with the rest of the universal ocean, provides reliable transport, and intangible understanding of the overwhelming chaos.

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