25 January 2012

Love and Winter

Melancholic winter madness;
dreary days in and days out.
Seekers of sunlighthouseboat's
The smog and fog and passe skies.
Winter's cold and with coldness dies.
The warmth of hearts and hearths akin,
until Spring's greens and sun again.
Smiles seen by bats hanging from
skeletal trees; through frosted glass.
Cannibal wooden cabins host
hungry stave stoves.
Combustion, compassion, comped passion.
Blankets outside, snowy white,
blankets inside, Sherpa's Might.
Heat and cold, polar opposites, fleeces, winds;
Love and Winter.

19 January 2012

Consideration of Others

The anatomy of a day's dynamic is of great interest. The perception of one's mood can vastly alter the tempo and dictate the mood of a given day. That is to say, a bad day can easily snowball if one let's it run out of control. Event after event will be perceived in a negative manner. Seemingly trivial occurrences will fuel the fire and be looked down upon. Conversely, one experiencing a good day will see the trivial things for their positive aspects and build upon them. The mind's perception can vastly alter the landscape of our environment. In that regard, the way in which our mind interacts with the objects of the world around us become vitally important to our understanding of our connection to our surroundings. Objects are objects and occurrences, likewise, are occurrences. These things will not change. Time has set all in motion and changes will keep happening. Those changes are external and unimportant when observed for what they are. It is when we apply the mental state of a being that the dynamic of the world is truly evident.

Therefore, it is paramount that one considers the implications of both their perceptions, and that of the people around them. The mind, along with it's plethora of knowledge and experience, is a perversely powerful and, if untamed, dangerous entity. It becomes of a test of great willpower to see if an individual can consciously take a step back to consider the situations around them, both for the sake of preserving bias, but also to become acutely aware of the simultaneous perceptions being shaped by others. The most pivotal of interactions, then, becomes that between two individuals. Rather than mind acting upon object, mind acts upon mind. It is the difference from viewing in two dimensions to three. Squares become cubes and so on. Two sets of eyes are viewing similar happenings from different perspectives. More importantly, the two minds processing from different angles create a dynamic world.

The takeaway that I've concluded from these notions is to pay attention to those who surround one's environment, and always consider the meaning of emotions in relation to one's surroundings. It will lead to a more fulfilled style of life and also help bring individuals together, as they consider the notions potentially being drawn out by others. This is a key step towards a better understanding of the collective and subduing the ego for the greater good of social interaction and personal growth. This dual-purpose provides insight into an increase in quality of life.

18 January 2012


Who is they, and why does it matter what they say?
When you know you know, and there is no doubt.
For so long I yearned to figure it out, trying so hard,
to force the pieces together, yielding a broken picture.
Well, I threw caution to the wind and let the chaos ensue,
the pieces in the air, randomized, beautiful,
and they fell right into place.
No more restoring the photograph, this one's pristine,
and I keep looking and liking and falling more in love,
with that beautiful ginger-haired, freckle-faced, slate-blue,
seriously carefree-eyed girl I met summers ago.
And things will never be the same, for better or better,
I've grown to extend my hand and my heart out to her.
I reminisce of my infancy, wrapped in warm blankets and held,
for that is akin to this sort of love--secure, sturdy, serene.
My star-gazer, my trail-blazer, let us discover worlds,
both below our feet and in our expansive minds.
For all of time, all of space, all inclusive, exclusive,
Until we've touched all realms hand-in-hand.

17 January 2012


Sticks and stones may break skin and bones,
but I know words far more reaching.
With love and religion, wars will be waged,
Until death do us all apart.
Words run deep while tensions grow steep.
Yes, limiting words, the dilemma of man
Archetypical and Dualatic. 
Lies upon lies, truths over truths,
As we cannot contain our mouths to ourselves,
Yet won't utter words, like the xenophobes we are.
West versus East, Right versus Left, Church and State
In Holy matrimony, in Holy Jihad.
Only these letters can carry such weight,
for they comprise the alpha.beta.omega.
Gods, prophets, disciples.
Languages, languages, languages
Translated and slaughtered,
Who watches the translators?
The most dangerous, most powerful,
Gods of the words of the Gods.
Listen with our eyes and see with our ears,
Choose--fewer, better words,
For who knows when they may be your last.

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