27 September 2012

Cryptic Tones (Over/Under)

The chaos of Jazz, because they know.
Intricacies of the brain, of what it is
to be a human being being here, alive.
And with that knowledge, the burden
the weight of the world bearing down
unto the partial minds of many, the frail
bodies of the lowest of low, that
which torments them into such beauty
of breaking conventions, elusive patterns,
complex seeming disorganization.
Becoming the quest to understand
to discover oneself the process
of coming to know, of coming to be,
that which accounts for mistakes,
the medicine of the music,
put in the form of these notes
to Red Herrings and cul-de-sacs
a labyrinth of storytelling prosper 
With smooth walls and sharp
turns, broad corridors and gaps.
Looming above all else, improvisation,
No two identical ways in
No two identical ways out.

11 September 2012


The stitching quilt-work of the present moment
an intricate and provocative reality woven
from eons of memory, experience, growth.
The alluring reality blanket which envelops
consumes, protects, guides, folds;
revealing more unto itself and simultaneously
concealing, fluctuating waveform monumental
moments. And with completion of this
fragmented sector of the Collective Experience
Drive, to another, and another, until Singularity.
The relative back and forward in time; X,Y,Z,
with faint, distant recollection of understanding
pulse-in regained and pulse-out lost, binary
universal conscious on one front, quantum
in yet another respect, and so on, and so off
and so on, and so off.

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