30 July 2012

Understanding Power

The infinite possibility of distraction,
forcing us to look anywhere but within,
and present us not with questions to ask,
but with anything that holds our attention
for seconds shorter and shorter, frantic buildup
to the very brink of subliminal torture.
As the puppet-masters cling to control
guiding the thoughts of the hive mind,
leading lemmings to leap, "yes sir, how high?"
And so those are the questions posed
to those most accountable, most liable
with the most to lose–power.
Ventriloquist anchormen stabilizing Noah's Ark,
From the seas of change, the dark unknown abysmal
future of man, a planetary society, a planetary conscious.

20 July 2012

3-Minute Love Poem

It can't be done, she said.
But I knew, oh, how I knew
The me that she'd come to see
Pieces of the puzzle
fitting so very perfectly.
12:00 o' clock, middle of the night
Hands touching for fleeting moments
Bound by time, we're only human
I want it spent with her.

16 July 2012


And so there is, no greater cause, than that of sharing ideas with one another. Ideas are, at the very core of things, the quintessential purpose of existence. Our very being, as products of evolution approximately 14 billion years in the making, are unique in our ability to observe, to decipher, record and be. With the discovery of each new idea, we are furthering the Collective Knowledge. This database will be passed on down the generations, and inevitably some will permeate more than others. Nothing lasts...but nothing is lost. Each experience gained, each memory formed, adds a new layer of complexity to the intricate web of the cosmos. As big or as little as you could ever think, the intricacy makes itself ever more apparent. There is no greater gift one can give than that of an idea. Something so seemingly simple, yet with power causally linked to paradigm shifts. The true ability to enable change. Each experience gained, each memory affected, leads to the greater understanding, the ability to live in the now, to live with prowess and fully. There is not a greater achievement than that of committing to the current and sharing with any willing ears the ideas which you've gathered over your existence.

11 July 2012

Moustache Madness

I am the mofo'in moustache!
My goal in life: to 'stache out the sun.
If only I could get off his stupid face
then the world would see, they'd see the real me.
I'd dance and frolic through fields of sunflowers,
and allergies wouldn't mean me covered in boogers!
Blerghh, I hate allergies. Almost as much as I hate boogers.
I remember his younger days, 'stacheless in Ann Arbor,
what a naive fool. Then she came along, begging for me
I could hear my name beckoned and so I came forth
with the might of a thousand facial hairs.
He's since been called a pornstar, a pedophile, a philosopher.
And so on his face, I'll continue to thrive.
And just before he goes all Clooney on me,
and the moment is ever just right,
POOF, I'll prove my sentience, and sucede from his face,
and in one fellow sayonara, I'll outdo Dali, Yosemite Sam,
Hitler, Groucho and Goulet. Even the supernova of the sun
won't stop me. Fwoop. Darkness.

Depth Hub

The harsh reality of the realizations, the harbinger of of being in the know,
At what cost do we trade it all in for a scary sliver of understanding?
Innocence, ignorance, naivety, "knowledge," the cutting edge
Walking along it, seeking balance, or else fail, or else fall
Either back into normalcy, or down, down down,
into the depth hub, the abysmal darkness
Where curiosity draws upon itself,
and oneself becomes the allself, the only way out.
Escape velocity back up the neverending well.
With fondness, memories of my youth remain,
With fondness, the ethereal beauty that surrounds me.

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