12 February 2014

The Persistence of Feeling

How amazing that I touch 58 buttons to form this sentence.
More amazing that I subconsciously chose this number correctly.
Only to validate myself with precisely 58 touches to the .
Wonderment defiled by cold, surgical knowledge.
Time wasted in the name of preserving my schizophrenic Ego.

There are lots of big buzzwords I learned to say at my job
so the people in charge would believe what I think:
expectations. quantifiable. statistically. initiative. metrics.
along with:
alignment, momentum, camaraderie (though some prefer synergy).
Ultimately, it is numbers that speak louder than words.
More than a thousand pictures...unless they're stacked bar charts.
Oh, and accountability.

I ramble on with a Pavlovian fear of the after-hours on-call
cellular device—weighing heavily, capital ventures over personal.
Incessant boredom with the mediocrity of pre-middle management.
While a safari of ideas persist nestled in the shadowy crevasses
of my mind; Untapp'd in lieu of redirected professional optimism.
Caught up in The Game, climbing a Sisyphusian ladder evermore.

The 2/7 compromise weekend salvation freedom preserves my sanity so,
as I yank down the marionette and repurpose her strings to floss out my thoughts.
A bloody act of fine-tuning my mental health.
Dentists and psychiatrists implore the same wisdom—
that time can be found any day to strengthen this tissue
and ensure the persistence of feeling.

02 February 2014


Chet Atkins' early years (Disc 1 of 5) wafts its way upstairs
old-timey jams between saw buzzes and hammering—not to the beat.
Measuring, laying the self-install wooden planks over poured concrete.
The knights of the kitchen table rap the keys of their aluminum
devices—iconic, but not to the bluetooth air-wave-form music
and infinite prowess over the 802.11 radiating our cabin fever souls
while snow and cloud blanket Gaia and Sol.

The Green EP paces itself along, centralized sound accompanied
by a symphony of sniffles, hiccups and the revolutionary Kitchen Aid;
mixing and mixing and mixing and mixing and mixing
the recipe for warmth in a dip of buffalo chicken for the big game.

Free-time reading and free-range cooking partake in dance with
the floor-by-floor workers, respectively. Where one commits his youth
martyred to the preservation of the future, the other commits to the
antiquity of words and experiences to bridge the new to the old.

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