31 March 2014

Thinking in FLAC

The wavering of her voice, I can hear her think out loud
and uncompressed; down to the very vibration of the vocal cords
having an identity crisis thinking that they're vocal chords.
The audible vinyl pop and crack of her knees as she paces
back and forth, floorboards shriek under duress, feeling 
barely less stiff than her sore legs, or so she says...

10 March 2014

Hybrid World

Adaptation towards
the vigilant camaraderie
that calls forth
the uniting of power and nothingness.

Standing in the demilitarized zone,
the spectral periphery
between man and nature,
a separate piece; to each their own.

Roy and Biv on either side, always greener .
The carefree and brutal nature giving way
to the organizational structures of order
or is it the other way around?

Merging forth the unlikely harmony
momentum for the hybrid world.
Embracing the wisdom of nature
4 billion plus years senior.

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