25 July 2011

Ambitions of a Better Tomorrow

There may be inner peace, but what of it collectively?
Where do we find ourselves in ten, twenty, one hundred years?
And I ponder the means to fight the thoughts of not just several,
but several billion. A severe change is needed in the perception
of our people. Condemning and labeling the minor radicals,
the hippies, the revolutionaries. Gone are the world-shakers
and game-changers. Gone is the Enlightenment, as we plummet
back to the darkest of ages. Incandescence is no substitute for the sun.
How long can we survive on artificiality, and how long will we suck
from the drying teet of our planet? The once fertile crescent now
as cracked as the brainwashed minds, controlled by the leaders,
the parents, the politicians, the Pope and the powerful.
Medicating the youth into senseless submission. Raspy, almost gone
is our voice. Some seek to squash out the questioning for a lack of
conformity. Stay normal, world, and we will soon have upon us
the problems to address, left behind by careless corporate giants.
Where is David? Even if he came forward, there are far too many
Goliaths for one man. So he waits in hiding, patient, for an assemblage
and a rekindling of the fire's of creativity, love and prosperity.
But not a moment sooner shall he show his face. For fear of retribution
from the forces that currently guide the wheel of life. It is disheartening
and disappointing to find ourselves in such troubled times.
The fire in my eyes is not yet out, and though I do not know the way
nor the means to make it happen, I dare not bet on any except
the future. It pains me to look forward down the street currently paved
before us. But there are roads less travelled. And paths for the making.
That will lead to oasis and ocean, to new depths and highs,
to uncharted territory and sensible practice between man and resource.
This change will not happen today, but may begin here. A tree's broad trunk
begins at nothing more than a seed. It is our time now.

22 July 2011

The Akashic Records

Song of the Moment - Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

I awaken at peace, with myself and the world,
the sun warming my slow-beating heart.
Breathing life into the oncoming day and I know,
it will consist of such unanticipated substance.
And when I roll over, untangling the sheets,
still reverberating my absorbed heat,
I see you there, whether you are or not,
tranquil and porcelain, gracefully at rest,
while your mind wanders on in its vast creation.
I ponder where you may be going, and have gone.
In fields of flora or atop a cascading falls,
its mist easing your everyday life.
For you are different than the rest,
in how your mind operates, in that which you believe,
in the harmonics and chords, finding balance with Earth,
and the sky and the stars, the celestial seraph.
I take comfort in believing, in the future,
our respective endeavors, wherever they may take us,
and the solace in knowing, how you've proven a friend
until my very last breath, though certainly not our end,
but rather of human's construct of time, of physical being.
So I'll see you here, I'll see you there, on the other side,
where the grass is equally green, the glass completely full,
and our experiences drive the wisdom that transcends all else.
So that it may be bestowed upon any who call upon it,
as I know I can call on you, and you as well to me.

21 July 2011


Stars up, stars down,
another night has come and gone
and wide-eyed I've spent it awake
seeking out just a little more.
More gain with more time and
more life with more gain in
a world where sleep is for the gone—
those who have moved on elsewhere.
So fight the night til sunrise light and bask
in the warmth of a completed day,
Riding out the hard times, a goal reached
for completing something is half the battle.
Be persistent—in heart, in wants, in happiness
to self-preserve and persevere.
For each dotted star marks a soul who has not
made it as far as we can tonight.
Good morning and what a good morning it is
as I rise in awe with the brightest star.
We are One, collective conscious
And I feel the souls around me,
The life force that embraces and carries
Each of us along, together.
Through hours of time otherwise seeming wasted,
To those who don't see the beauty of Moment.
So reach out and grow, as we regain
That which we lost. Return to the origin
The Well, tapped and cyclical. Replenishing.
Refreshing. I can feel a sliver of me in each
Of those around me. As we share experience.
And grow as humans, as what we are before we
Achieve physical form. How amazing life is outside
The scope of our time on Earth.
The Beautiful Dilemma. Life during or surrounding?
All are important. All are important.

15 July 2011

The Soul Cartographer

Ascension through the Mind's Eye.
Once found, an unsealable sight
that guides the Path unbeknownst
to most. On comets we sail through
nebula and galaxy to sister worlds.
Divinity Measured by Time,
stretched by the cosmic fabrics,
in which we lay
and in our dream-state wonder.
Only to discover that the universe
is fabricated by our mind
and the exploration
is taking place from within.

Life of a Star

Consider the sky effectively painted
by the sun, our star, burning the clouds
as it lies to rest in its cradle.
Majestic purples and royal reds
and the sounds of the world muted.
The wind calms and dusk settles
and the air cools as our lunar friend
watches from above,
as we watch all from the Earth below.
Beautifully minuscule. With limiting bodies
and minds more vast than the cosmos we seek.
Our souls ablaze in lieu of our star.

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