17 February 2012

Re-focusing Lens

Brian Jonestown and neo-psychedelia.
A ray of light in the drudging doldrums of winter.
White on white, Spacemen 3, 2, 1.
Blast off.
Divine moments of truth.
Look skyward for Skylon, up, Up, UP.
Be Grateful and long live the electronic Jam.
Remember your roots, down to the wire.
Om, always.
Don't forget to revisit the Books often
As nothing lasts...but nothing is lost.
Dedicated to the queen of all everything,
and to our ever-expanding minds,
and to our ever-expanding hearts,
Through the threshold, the Doors of Perception.
Today it dawned on me, the sun, and I knew,
That with each pass of the sky fire,
We are getting Experienced.

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