22 November 2011

Game Changer

Be my game changer and let's change the game.
We started by playing king and queen, now,
let us show the world what we're made of.
We'll speak our minds and mind nothing else.
As some will listen, and to others indefinitely,
our words will fall on deaf ears...
but, that doesn't change a thing, for there are many
ways to convey a message. And we will.
Guide me forward, stand by my side, equals in all.
We were put here not for convention, but for conviction.
As we ascend past the highest peaks and among the stars.
We will be the sailor's navigation and the ancient's calendar
As we rewrite the space and the time, and lay down the foundations,
for a better tomorrow. I believe in me, in you, in us, in our mission.
Be my game changer and let's change the game.
For better. Rethought horizons. Without limits.
Balance, moderation, peace.
And all the Love my heart can muster.

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